A remedy to the noise.

Our Manifesto
Our Manifesto

Sanctuary is more than a weekend getaway — more than just a transient place to be outside.

We offer a return to the natural world: an innate force within us – something we’ve only just rediscovered, something we’ve for too long ignored.

Stay with us

Microcabin retreats in nature, 1-2 hours from your office door.

Rituals of daily life; cooking, showering, sleeping, are all connected to the outdoors.

Work with us

An island of modern life in the middle of the natural world.

An unparallelled setting for team retreats, executive offsites, or remote work.

Our Story

We exist to make time in nature a regular part of modern life.

'After several years working in startups, enjoying the opportunities city life affords, I experienced the debilitating side effects that often come with our modern way of life. Sanctuary was born out of necessity, acting as a supplemental tool to help manage my own struggles with mental health. Our hope for the business is to offer city dwellers a bridge to the natural world, a bridge that has and continues to help me find refuge in times of need. We invite you to come unwind and reset; reconnecting to self, to others and to nature.'

Founders Note,

Charlie Hammond


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