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  • Studio Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga
  • Happy Feet! Foot Treatment Workshop
  • Yoga as Therapy: The Shoulder Girdle
  • Reiki III Certification
  • Summer Vinyasa Intensive

What do you want out of your yoga practice?

If your answer is “to get thin or die trying”, you know you can “work out” at any gym or club.

But if you want an experience that is truly informed, therapeutic, and miles above your everyday studio’s, become a part of our community.

At Sanctuary Studios, we promote health and well-being by utilizing natural and holistic approaches to healing such as Yoga, Transformational Bodywork, therapeutic massage, Reiki, and detoxification programs.

Join us as we travel along the path towards wholeness, in this most important of all work: for as we heal ourselves, we heal our world.

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