Yoga as Therapy for the Back

ThoraxThe lower back can frequently be the source of so much misery in ourselves and our clients. Low back pain is one of the most frequent reasons that people visit their doctors.

This weekend, Dr. Jay Rosenfeld, M.D., Michelle Fleming, E-RYT 500, and Peter Benjamin, LMT, CPT, OMT will share their combined experience and knowledge in the latest Yoga as Therapy workshops. Learn what Yoga and manual therapy can do for the spine and thorax in your body and in your clients.

Got shoulder issues? Tomorrow’s classes & workshops are for you.

The shoulder

Shoulder pain and tightness are among the most common complaints we hear at the Sanctuary, and people often ask how Yoga can help.

Tomorrow, Michelle Fleming & Dr. Jay Rosenfeld of Spaulding Rehabilitation will be offering a 3-part workshop all about the joints of the shoulders. Michelle will start the day off with a 2-hour Transformational Yoga Flow beginning at 8:30 AM.

Later in the day, Michelle & Dr. Rosenfeld will delve deeply into anatomy and give you hands-on tools to use during your yoga or therapy practices. These workshops are ideal for yoga teachers and movement & manual therapists.

For details, including schedule & pricing, visit this event’s page: Transformational Yoga as Therapy: The Joints of the Shoulders

Don’t miss out on this weekend’s trainings!

We have an amazing weekend lined up for all you Yoga teachers and body therapists! First, on Saturday, October 27, we have Transformational Yoga as Therapy: The Knees and Leg Muscles with Dr. Jay Rosenfeld, M.D., and Michelle Fleming, E-RYT 500. In this course, you’ll experience Yoga as a therapeutic approach to knee injuries and replacements.

Next, on Sunday, October 28, join Jodi Rehm for Reiki I Certification. Experience system of natural healing which focuses on moving and redistributing energy throughout the body, and learn to share it with others!

For more information, call (774) 454-7290 or visit our Schedule of Events and Workshops. Space is limited – please preregister for these events!

Treat your Feet!

…and we’re not talking about a pedicure. Transform yourself from the bottom up on Saturday, September 22, beginning with an all-levels therapeutic flow with Sanctuary Studios director Michelle Fleming. Then, delve deeper into the anatomy of the feet and lower legs with Dr. Jay Rosenfeld, as he and Michelle discuss common ailments of the foot, ankle, and lower leg, such as (fallen arches, heel spurs, and Achilles tendonitis.

Our Transformational Yoga as Therapy series is a must-attend for yoga teachers, movement and manual therapists, and anyone suffering from pain. Learn how an intelligent, safe yoga practice can help you and your clients find relief!

Read more about Transformational Yoga as Therapy: The Feet and Lower Legs.