What is Transformational Yoga?

Here at the Sanctuary, we go above and beyond mere exercise routines. With our unique approach to yoga, each student can begin his or her own transformation process.

During every class session, our highly trained staff will employ various methods such as Thai yoga massage, Yin style release work, hands-on assists, neuromuscular facilitation, resistance stretching, and various forms of meditation and breathing techniques to help students release tension and tightness. Students can expect an individualized approach as the teachers work to strengthen weak areas of the body to take undue stress off overworked spots such as the shoulders, neck, and lower back.

Specifically, we teach how to deeply work the muscles of the torso in a synergistic way to take weight off of the joints while creating ease in the muscles. This releases emotional blockages and changes existing patterns which cause tightness and pain, and replaces them with new patterns that create inner strength and a tension-free body.

Then, moving from center, utilizing “core strength” (a term that is often thrown around these days and seldom fully understood) the body relearns to move in new ways. These new patterns are then used to weave together a dynamic flow to create a weightless, fluid yoga routine which eradicates stress in the body, protects and strengthens the joints and creates ease and balance systemically.

Not all bodies are the same, and therefore neither should be all yoga practices. We work with our students individually and in small groups to keep your joints safe and your practice continually moving you to a more pain-free, strong, centered place. Not everyone should practice in the heat, and yoga is not about how fast or deep you can go!

All classes end in a guided meditation and will deeply relieve stress. No prior yoga experience needed for most of our classes.

Try us and see why we offer a deeper, more mindful practice than the other studios – one that can truly transform your body, mind, and life!